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Order Form for Shrine Series Pewter Ornaments 
Print the order form, fill out the order form and mail to:
 Ornaments: The Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
c/o Church of the Risen Savior, 605 Bluff St., Rhineland, MO 65069
Make checks payable to: Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows


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Order:  Each Ornament is $13.00

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    Tax @ 4.3%  



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2000 Shrine Our Lady of Sorrows

2001 Log Chapel

2002 Pieta Ornament

2003 St. Martin's Church

2004 St. Lourdes Grotto

2005 The White Lady

2006 Agony in the Garden

2007 Mater Dolorosa

2008 Mount Calvary

For more information about the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows or to obtain a hard bound history book, please contact us at 573-236-4390


The Sepulcher & 

Mount Calvery

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Stations of the


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Grotto of Lourdes &

Mt Olivet

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Valentine hall

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