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The Sepulcher & Mount Calvery

In 1950, when the stations were being rebuilt, it was decided that a new shrine, in keeping with the stations, would be most appropriate.  Between the first and last Stations, immediately in front of the Log Chapel, an underground Sepulcher was built. 

Entering down a flight of stairs, one comes into the cave-like tomb where the statue of the body of Christ lies in death.  The dankness of the underground tomb, the candles casting light amid the darkness, give the Pilgrim the real feeling of the Death Christ suffered for our sins.  Here, one can kneel in meditation, and truly feel a part of the suffering and death of Our Lord.  

Kneelers were erected before this Shrine, and illuminated prayers were installed.  
Atop the Sepulcher was erected a "Mount Calvary" grouping.  The dead Saviour's body still hangs on the large wooden crucifix, and beneath it stand Mary, his mother, and St. John, his beloved apostle.  It forms a most fitting climax to the Stations of the Cross.

Mount Calvary

The Sepulcher

Sepulcher Entrance

Christ Laid in the Sepulcher

Sign at Entrance

Inside the Sepulcher

The Sepulcher & 

Mount Calvery

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Stations of the


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Grotto of Lourdes &

Mt Olivet

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Valentine hall

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